I said a lot of things at work today that made me look like an asshole but I'm gonna move on and trust that they know me well enough to figure out that it's an endless string of typos due to exhaustion and I don't do people like that.

Let's all move forward and change the topic to video games, racist jokes, and Muslims reacting to corned beef. That would save my reputation.

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    Well, shit happens and I'm sure they won't brand you for it
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    @matt-jd That sounds kinda hot. I hope it's like this: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @M1sf3t I had three strikes in one hour. Lol. Some days, it's better to just shut up.
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    Well, it kind of is rutees' brand.
    Being blunt does not make easy friends but rather sorts them cowards out.
    Isn't it, @rutee07?

    A friend baffled me telling his one day chronicle : 05am outdoor 10am home, a li'l wank, meals 6pm outdoors 10pm sleep.
    His stance : "too lazy to lie"
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    @scor He has a point, lying takes effort and you have to remember what you said to keep up with the lie. One of my managers said in a meeting, "Sorry, my brain isn't working right now." That was awesome.

    Or when I say, "This codebase makes me want to die." Sometimes you don't even notice you're being blunt until someone expresses their surprise over the stuff that comes out of your mouth. :D
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