Why squash commits when you can just --amend the commit and git push -f


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    I'd much rather see this any day vs the dev that creates the n-depth merge because they don't grok rebase.
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    I mean, this is basically the easy version of squash anyway ;)
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    I found that an easy way to learn git is by contributing to open source software.

    Do it right and you will be a contributor and can feel proud.

    Do it wrong and fuck up their history and oh boy you will get yelled at in some communities.

    Some will just tell you how to fix it.

    And dont fucking amend commits FFS.

    Squash them if really needed.

    And i wouldnt even use squash in the first place.

    You dont need it if you dont create a fucking mess to begin with.
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    If you'd seen the commits I've seen, you'd prefer squash. If I have to see one more series of commits detailing how someone went to lunch, commit, took a shit, commit...
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    @SortOfTested "emergency commit, my house is on fire"
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    @SortOfTested trust me I have seen my fair share of shit commits. Even had to review them. Not fun times surely.
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