This seems to be odd bug, not impacting windows itself but some things like python. Can you check this code on your Win:

if %PATHEXT:~-1% == ";" (echo Bugged) else (echo Seems fine)

What it prints ?

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    Or just check the env var in System Info.
    Software> Environment Variables
    Find PATHEXT
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    Nah, loads of extensions there.
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    yeah `echo %PATHEXT%` and figure out last char basically

    The problem is that by default it should end by last EXT like ;WSC

    For some reason on my PC it ends with ";", which allows executables without any extension, but also bugs python's which.
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    Might because you deleted some associaton manually.

    You should be able to fix it via
    Control Panel> System
    At "Advanced" Tab press the button with env (at the bottom)

    Bottom half of the window is SYSTEM vars and at there you can edit pathext variable.
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    @melezorus34 man I know this stuff. I just want to verify if it's because some common tool/language messes up. I do not touch this var because I do not need too :D
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