my biggest insecurity... I don't know, I have some problems with people who only stay with one idea, technology, pattern and cannot change, I am afraid of becoming that

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    That's deep! Nobody in sane mind would want to stagnate with single stack and blindly fight multitudes of countervariants that fit their current project better.
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    @vintprox yes!!! In 3 years (my working life) I have had to work with people like that! I understand that one has a favorite language / framework / IDE ... but that you refuse and do not want to learn more is what I hate the most in my life
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    @brgh Well, at this level, colleagues must understand that they work on company's premises, preferences aren't objective, so it turns out to be an argument with options to vote, in good case. It's not like people go willingfully to tech they don't know, but at the same time they show their weakness, so you can neatly remind them of that, right?
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