Is this what they don't teach us in schools ?

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    You just don't see your teachers Googling because their desk is in front of you not beside you.
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    @iamai the hidden wisdom of ages, as if handed down by a golden fucking god.
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    On a slightly serious tone, Google will just give clues to the problem/error. You still need to find a whole lot of clues then piece them together to solve the problem.

    School, through your teachers can help give the basics to know how to look for the clues. And also give sample problems so you can practice piecing together the clues.

    Your teacher's style and motivation to teach is another factor.

    @PublicByte Socratic style of teaching perhaps? Asking and answering. And he knows you can handle it. :)
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    @PublicByte I didn't say sarcastic. Besides being asked by a teacher to do stuff is fine as long as you are okay with it. I used to check exam papers on behalf of some teachers during high school.
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    The "senior" in "senior dev" doesn’t mean that he is better in coding, but better in googling.
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