Budgie up and running. Tho, I had an issue overload cpu, and stopped previews-creator. Is that even safe?

Anyways, half of my customized deepin shit doesn't work properly anymore. It's a piss off. Wondering if a downgrade would help.

If shit stops breaking for six more months, I might be able to finish uni and go back to workforce properly, where cash-cash-dollar can buy me a new laptop, or a workstation that allows me to duck around with current laptop.

Like, being a student again has been so unnerving. Won't do it ever again. (a PhD doesn't count as study 😜)

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    It's not normal, but as long as the thermal management does it's job it shouldn't crater things permanently.

    I'd consider taking it into a reputable shop for new thermal paste and a thorough cleaning. Assuming you're not comfortable disassembling it yourself.
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    Thermal paste performance degrades over time. I've seen almost miraculous improvements replacing a old crusty thermal compound with new, fresh of the tub paste.
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