For fucks sake I am such an Idiot at times....

I tried building a watering system for my plants and I forgot that I was using free flow pumps that don't act as valve. So when I turn of the pumps the water keeps flowing, even against gravity because of the pressure difference.

TL;DR: I forgot fcking kindergarten physics today.

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    *chuckles* 😌
    and what is your way forward?
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    @heyheni I absolutely do not have the time to change anything about it. So I'll use a dirty hack. I will pump it up against gravity into an open container and then have a tube connected to said container from which the water will be flowing where I need it.
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    @lolcube if I had a valve at all I could just connect it to the tube via a T connection (which I lack as well) so that it let's pressure into the tube but no water out of it
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    @lolcube nice and what are you growing? Jack Herrer, Amnesia Haze, Orange Bud or Super Silver Haze? 😄
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    @heyheni lol.... Chilli's of course :)
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    Need some larry bird in there.
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