Do you remember the old days, when a webpage was just a webpage with the information you wanted on it..

Nowadays, its like this:

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    In case anyone is not aware of a commercial solution to this, one site I've seen using this approach for over 30 years is:

    Landing page, no adverts, no popups..

    You can choose two versions of the website:

    Version one, no adverts, no popups..

    Version two, adverts and popups !

    Everyone is happy.

    Please, make this the norm !
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    There are newsletter boxes, location box and a box of "which cookie type you want to have" missing.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- live chat window, auto playing video that follows you... can't forgot those.
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    I also notice nowadays, the latest thing is a website won't work unless you allow it your location.

    But it doesn't tell you this, instead it has this confusing error message on my desktop PC:

    And the only browser I've found that lets you set your location correctly is MS Edge, all the other ones will give an inaccurate one hundreds or thousands of miles away !

    ( And even then, you have to set it in the registry or something.. )

    Can't I just tell it where I am like I used to be able to with a drop down menu choice !
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    @C0D4 let's also not forget the desperate bitches in my local area that are always ready for some fun type of boxes
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    @Nanos what's that website?
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    Oh the live chat video is a hoot.

    First its an AI bot, who is all friendly, but doesn't listen..

    Then its a real human who asked you to repeat things you already told it several times.

    Like on insurance websites:

    "What is your DOB ?"


    5 minutes later..

    "What is your DOB ?"

    I swear, the next time someone asks me a repeat question, I'm going to say:

    "I told you already, look at your notes, I'm not telling you again !"

    Oh wait, I've done that..

    Their reply was something along the lines of:

    "For security purposes we have to check."

    That's when I reply something like:

    "You just lost a would be customer bud !"

    But now everywhere is getting like that..

    I wanted to buy a pillow case a while back, but no, I had to fill in a life questionnaire with my name and address, in a shop paying by cash !

    Mr Mick Mouse

    123 Ardvark Lane

    Disneyland Avenue

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    @Nanos ok, on a dating platform such as this, it makes sense to ask for your exact location.
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    That always makes me laugh, since it says something like:

    983 women 1 mile from you are interested in xxx

    There are maybe half that women within 300 miles of me, so where do they magic the rest from, a passing plane !

    Not that any planes pass here..

    Maybe an Amazon submarine full of female seamen..

    ( Wonders if anyone has done a B movie about that idea.. )
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    Yeah, but at least give you a meaningful error message to let you know this, rather than you having to try and guess what the problem is !

    I mean, I'm online, I get that error message saying I'm offline, but I'm obviously not..

    It was working fine until a few weeks ago when they changed things.

    By chance I tested the website in another browser (The one with the location data turned on, well, fake data !) and it magically worked !
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    What if you live in place A, but are planning to move to place B, then you want to input your location as place B. :-)

    Tinder is also annoying in that way..

    (And only works in one browser !)
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    @Nanos that was the perfect time to bring in the word semen and make a joke out of it.

    Regardless, I think that they rather mean interdimensional women around us that we fail to see due to our inability to detect them with our old and rusty bio-hardware called eyes.
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    @Nanos exactly that. Tinder has this, too. But there are some dating apps that allow you to change your location.
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    Fake your location with chrome dev tools.
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    Any link to that, as so far all the solutions for Chrome I've tried, haven't worked.

    Firefox used to have a nice little addon for that purpose..
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    Reminds me of one website, whose name escapes me, dating one, that says you have X messages from Y women who live within Z miles of you, but when you join, you find out those profiles are fake !

    I wonder if there are fake job websites like that..

    Or real estate agent websites..
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    - open dev tools
    - Click the three dots icon top right next to the close Icon
    - more tools
    - sensors

    Change the geolocation settings, either with a predefined option or add your own latitude / longitude .

    Anything using the browsers location will reference the new data, a lot of sites do geoIP which relies on your IP address which can throw you somewhere else in the country, nothing you can do to fix that one.
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    Thanks, that works !

    I had searched for months via google looking for that answer and trying all kinds of things.

    And asked in technical forums..

    Now I've two browsers I can use, hurray !

    I use this to check:

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    @Nanos you just need to ask in the right place 😉
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    Fucking this. When I quickly want to check something on a site and a ton of consent/cookie/notification things come up.... I just fucking leave nowadays.
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    I'll have to google where that is. :-)
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    FX [ Takes notice of users and designs accordingly. ]
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    I get the adblock nagware because that's their bottom line but everything else is so grating.
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    May I suggest Nano adblocker and defender. The first blocks any ad on websites just like any other adblocker (but is a fork from uBlock so quite light). The latter is an extension that blocks a site from detecting that there is Nano adblocker, so you won't get that annoying wall on pages that don't like adblocking.
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    Such websites essentially have rewrited articles there and there
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    DevRant's feed doing its magic again :3
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    There was a time a couple of years ago (I think when piratebay was peaking) that they started thinking about how to display ads in less intrusive ways. Others (especially news pages) set up a pay walls, which is fair enough I suppose. I pay for no ads.

    I remember it going well for a while, I even began whitelisting sites. Then they just gave up, sadly, and added this fucking disable your adblocker prompt.

    Then you got the fucking EU cookie directive, and then they started spamming for browser notifications, and then marketing started pushing popups for newsletter subscriptions, and whatfuckingnot.

    Fast forward a couple of years, it sucks more than ever.

    Edit: this was probably like 10 years ago thinking about it. So its been sliding further down the shitter for a while.
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    the bitter truth
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    Is there a way to keep it permanently like that and not something I have to change every time I open Chrome a new ?
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    ctrl+shift+I display: none; overflow-y: scroll
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    I often wonder what my daily experience would be like if I religiously clicked 'yes' to the 'allow notifications' prompt on every site I visited...
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    @Nanos you would have to use an extension if you want it more permanent.

    Might take some trial and error to find one that actually works though.

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    All the ones I've tried so far, don't work !

    It's one of those, nothing seems to work days..
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    Reminds me when I wanted to do something as simple as send a FAX..

    First, find the only FAX modem that actually works with difficult FAX machines..

    Then find the only piece of FAX software that can send a FAX without it ending up like an unreadable mess the other end.

    Get it all working perfectly.

    Then reinstall the OS and find out the copy protected software you paid for won't let you install it without the serial number.

    Which you've written down somewhere 20 years ago..

    No problem, ring the support line, no answer..

    Send an email, no reply..

    Time passes . . .

    New PC time, only this time, no RS232 port on the MB..

    No problem, just try every USB to RS232 adapter you can find, none of them work..

    Since then, I hear one in particular does work, but it costs $100..

    Meanwhile, I'm now trying some Ebay $5 USB FAx modems to see if any of them work !

    Meanwhile, I've still got to install that FAX software..
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    I use dns filtering for ad blocking and these sites are such a pain because it's not that easy to just turn it off, I hate sites like this
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    You gotta walk through a 50' hallway of dangling dicks just to pull off a decent image search. That's what happens when morons have too much tech they don't understand... it turns the internet into a fucking toilet
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