I'm new to devrant. I want to develop some short code snippets (any language any code) on my Android phone in some spare time. I want to have someone to talk about them, maybe even with chat or video over the internet.

Who wants to be my buddy and join in?

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    Define short code snippets.
    What language exactly?
    Which languages do you use?
    Do you want to code on an Android device?
    Also, people might not join you because they have no idea at all, to whom they'll be talking.

    Quick tip: add a short bio.

    Other than that, welcome to devRant!
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    I was thinking Java since I'm interested in Android.

    I don't know who wants to be my friend. I have a condition effect I have to spend lots of time in bed. But if someone wants to share even a small coffee snippet with me to run in AIDE I will be happy.

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    Welcome to devrant. Stack overflow, Google and YouTube is your friend
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