Part 2 of my last rant.... We are so screwed.

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    I admit when i saw your first rant, i wasnt even taking it seriously due to getting the thoughts from a movie.

    But it kinda me realize something i am actually worried about. Governments such as USA etc are probably demanding backdoors to the systems "for safety" reasons. That would probably lead 2 things

    1: its just a matter of time til some one else would find it and abuse it.

    2: It would probably lead to the government abusing it. (idk how likely it is, but imagine a system the government could break in to, to maybe make an assassination looks like a car crash)

    Again i dont know how likely it is, it just got me thinking.
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    @Frederick I was thinking the same but then today was catching up on my reading list this morning and came across one about privacy/security and I'm like hm....yea....
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    @Frederick This. Remember WannaCry? Unreported (no shit) 0day windows exploit at the time. Leaked and suddenly there was a worldwide ransomware pandemic.
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    @linuxxx That was kinda that thought that made me realize it.
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    I think that was what this book was referring to actually. Disabled all windows systems by encrypting all the data
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