Why can't things just work the way the application says it does? First two days using Steam and I'm not loving it. I downloaded some DLCs and they don't show up in the game. The library says they are installed. I tried unchecking and re-checking, verifying integrity, restart Steam, reinstall game, restart my PC, restart my brain, restart the world, etc.

Nothing works. And why does it have to be this hard? Why do I have to go loop de loop in all this- I am so tired. I just wanted to play. I searched online and this seems to be a common problem. Why is that? I click "enable" and just like that, it's already "installed"? Except it's not really installed. It didn't even download anything. What the fuck. Why do you lie to me?

I can't believe I'm opening a support ticket so early in a relationship.

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