I just thought of a potential webapp ideas while talking a shower. Still need to give it some thought but wondering how best to built it out? Sorta like a message board/kiva/change.org

I'm thinking #1 is backend + REST api. Then just create a webapp using React Native so it can be used mobile and browser?

Probably will build the first prototype though using either C# just to test the APIs...

But I guess how do you break a project up. Do you build backend first or do it feature by feature (both backend and frontend)?

And well what about hosting? Do need to decide now like AWS/Heroku... Or can I just build on local? Need a db though...

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    i usually start with a kinda mind map thing, start with the parts you need, the list what they need to do. Where to go after that is usually a lot clearer when im done.
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    @M1sf3t my mind map right now is:
    -backend: node
    -frontend: react/native + electron

    TODO: concept sketch, local backend... With sqlite db

    I have not touched React in a lllllooooong time and the last project was with RN so easiest way for me to test the backend I guess is either node unit tests or create some selenium tests or create simple c# GUI client.

    JS frontend... Last
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    @billgates sounds feasible, but tbh I haven't messed with electron or any of the native frameworks yet. Svelte has one that i keep saying im goin to try but I haven't had the time.
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