I've learned GNU Make
I've also wasted several days writing a makefile for a project consisting of multiple assemblies each being one of a few types. (Shared object, executable, assetlib, beverage)

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    I’m glad people still learn the right tool instead of going for a fancy useless “modern” “build system” that solves no problems and creates many.
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    Useful tool, horrible syntax rules straight from the dawn of parsing. Wish there was something more modern that wasn't a horrorshow.
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    @RememberMe "Someone should make on with Electron"
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    @FrodoSwaggins I actually really like how it works. The whitespace sensitivity is a bit irritating but the feature set is really convenient and it reads very easily despite the incredibly dense structure and little liberty to make it readable.
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    @Lor-inc I like it as well. I think it could probably be even simpler than it is, but nobody seems to do that
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