Do I have to say more?....


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    frontend devs: the guys who get all the praise for your backend work 😜
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    @heyheni aye no shit man its intense, just as valuable tho. It doesn't matter how amazing the backend architecture is, if it is not pretty and functional then users just run to the hills
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    I have the utmost respect for frontend. As backend I generally have well-defined requirements, unit testing is easy, glitch free and fast, heck even integration testing is still pretty fast, the frameworks stay constant, only one environment to worry about, efficiency and performance improvements aren't an issue, there's no weird caching to cause issues and yes, I'll say it, I get to work in a language that's not JS.
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    No need to say more.
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    front end is easy enough, until you need something to be pixel perfect on every screen size D:
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