Is it possible to find a fix to a bug while you’re having a lucid dream?
Because as soon as I woke up I ran to my computer and heck it actually worked!

Which would mean subconscious mind knows why every error is occurring and how to fix it.

Which means our subconscious mind is playing our conscious mind.

Superiority complex.

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    Walking about the area I live, it's a routine mixture of loamy forest air and the occasional wafting cloud of skunk.

    Neighbor, is that you? 😮
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    I can't have power naps like you do so I am used to have a walk outside to have an inner debugger.
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    @SortOfTested. For that I’d ask you to get your eyes SortOfTested 😂 People often are envious of bigger and better brains. Lol, ciao
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    Our minds produce possibilities and dreams without us even realizing. Did you ever think about something that might happen and it actually happened? Might be same process for debugging.... you just imagine shit while you sleep and your mind processes and picks the best possibility for the stuff to work and voila! That bug that you tried for 2 days to fix was actually just you having 2 variables named very similarly and accidentally passed one of them in the place of the other.
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    Once my professor said that our brains are still active even when we're sleeping. So, they are still thinking about the bug that you decided to be fixed tomorrow
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    I am jealous just to know you can Lucid dream, let alone fixing an error after Lucid Dreaming. I wanna do it so bad!
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    Been there, done that!
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    @eisenhiem next level ecstasy!!
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    @iiulian8 and I think my brain was telepathically telling you whatever you just typed in here because itzaa frikin accurate. 💯
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    There is great book about it called why we sleep - check it out ! Explains how brain processes information collected throughout the day
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