Just asked something on stackoverflow.
Has been 15min already. And still no downvote and no comment saying “fuck off”

Today is a good day.

Sorry for wrong tag. This ain’t a rant. I was just thinking “so? -> rant”

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    Give it time [:
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    @Rohr gave time.
    Got an answer.

    Something is wrong here. I have a deijavu regarding my code/compile/run rant
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    @dder isn't dev paranoia fun?
    "Everything is working as intended - there must be something horribly wrong"
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    @endor depends.
    If it’s actually working: yes, then I make fun of myself.
    If it’s not working. In prod. I’m responsible. I don’t notice the error. For weeks. Then no, not that fun.
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    That's not right. Give us the link so we can downvote it 😂
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