The entry model of iMac 21,5" sold 1300€ comes with HDD 1TB @ 5400rpm.

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    How else would they make a dollar from overpriced SSDs that they resell?
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    I checked a popular platform from my home country where macs are almost nonexistent - out of over 800 offers around that price range (+/- 10%) there are 13 without SSD.

    This is just a ripoff.
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    Not to mention the upgrade to SSD 256GB being charged 250€ when a Samsung EVO 500GB costs 70€.
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    It's enough for browsing Facebook
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    The fact they consistently deny their customers SATA SSDs on the iMac models to blackmail them into the purchase of one of their overpriced PCI drives is outright shameful but that company stopped giving a damn about their customers long ago.
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    It's eco-friendly init !
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