> Be me
> Get exhausted with Rusts borrow checker while making games and decide to switch to another language
> C# looked good, I just made a mod in it for stardew valley.
> Start a new engine based on MonoGame.
> All is going ok? Having minor issues with getting .csproj files set up but other than that fine.
> Get advice to switch to .NET core for higher compatibility.
> Start doing that
> Doesn't work at all, random weird errors all over the place.
> ProjectIsFucked.jpeg
> Delete folders, I didn't have much anyways.
> Make some basic boilerplate for both the engine and the game like 5 times, deleting the folders and starting over because errors.
> Finally get something to almost compile.
> Reinstall .NET
> Compile works.
> Compile again
> Compile fails
> Do dotnet restore
> Compile again
> Compile fails
> Do dotnet restore again
> Compile again
> Compile works
What in the ever loving fuck.
In all seriousness, if anybody knows what in the fuck is happening, I'd appreciate the help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions...

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    Update: It works now. No idea why, but it does.
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    That's a lot of effort when you just could have used the single best feature Rust has: the "unsafe" escape hatch to work around annoying bullshit.
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    @Fast-Nop or, you know, properly architected and reasoned about your program like the rest of us but noooo, everyone wants to be a scumbag C devel...oh, sorry :p

    (jk, good code is good code)
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    1. It says your deps file isn't valid json, why, I assume manumangling
    2. Dotnet build produces a dll with an entrypoint that the runtime can execute (I.e. dotnet my library.dll). Dotnet publish produces a single file executable
    3. I don't know about monogame's current compatibility with the dotnet core 3.0 runtime
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