I hate everyone.
I can't wait to stop working here, and I curse my inability to say 'no' out of pity.
I should have left them in the pit of smoking shit they dug for themselves, but NO i let them drag me in as always, even though I had all the rights to tell them to fuck off. But no, fucking 'good-hearted' me. I'm a hypocrite.
And so I managed to do something in the beginning, something in the middle, something a hour ago, then sent some messages around just to let everyone know I'm here, and the remaining 90% of the time I just let myself sink in my hatred for all of this.
Definitely not a productive day.

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    @rutee07 I'm in the process of getting the fuck out of the place. Already found better; but alas I'm trapped by a wicked sense of guilt towards this people, so I agreed to help until the beginning of June - and I'm deeply regretting
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    @molaram sure thing. It's just my own hypocrisy that gets me
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    Do not be afraid of change. But also do not take rash acts. Since this can lead to undesirable consequences.
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    You're me in the future, and you just fueled up my "no" wagon
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    @bennysway well, I just made things a little quicker with a surprisingly short and relaxed talk over the phone with the business owner - suddenly realizing that this was the very thing I was procrastinating. I feel quite fine now. :)
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