Intern asked Manager how can one become a senior developer.

Manager explained and then, asked why?

Intern said that the senior developer was not able to fix the bug in his code for over 3 days while it took the Junior developer (me) around 10 minutes.

[Silence in the meeting]

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    face loss x1000!!!!!! 😄
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    Being senior doesnt mean someone magically gains the ability to spot bugs. This was just snitching and i would fire or at least discipline that intern.
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    @yellow-dog no, he is a ruthless samurai who follows ancient warrior tactics to gain his goals 😄
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    Good luck ever getting help from your senior again. This will incentivize the senior to do everything they can to sabotage the career of the junior. If someone did this to me I would cease and desist all mentoring and help and debugging to the junior. Fuck me, I will fuck you.
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    In bird culture, this is considered a dick move.
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    That attitude should be seen as a red flag. Fuck working with someone like him
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    @yellow-dog Agreed.

    The problem might have been that the senior developer was too involved and probably busting his head too much about this issue and so he was blinded by it.

    Sometimes you need to just step back and take a break and look at things from a new perspective. Or, just have someone different come and take a look. He or she is likely to spot things quicker that someone who is obsessed with the bug.
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    Some things can be done in closed doors. There are too many factors why the senior dev could not solve it faster. And there are other skills and knowledge that is considered for job titles and positions other than just be good at debugging or coding. The senior developer didn't deserve to be shamed with just one incident.
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    @heyheni His actions remind me of a chapter in a book I am currently reading called "Performance + Politics = Power" which basically explains that it doesn't matter really what you do but who you do it in front of or who knows that you do it, if gaining power is your intent.
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    @Demolishun Yes. Mutual fucking. That is the law.
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    If I was senior, I would try this guy hard instead of just firing xD
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    disrespectful little brat.
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    Maybe the senior guy was busy doing something else. Meetings, conf calls, planning, doing architecture, reviewin juniors work etc. Many times these teenage engineers think that their few files of code are the only thing that's happening in the company...
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    sounds like a privileged and inexperienced dickhole. I'd be nervous if someone like that was shilling for me with my manager.
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    Sounds to me like its time to consider promoting the junior and firing the senior..
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    Reminds me of the time when I wanted to buy a mobile phone, but the one 'expert' in the shop was out to lunch, so I waited till they came back.

    They didn't know anything either..

    I asked if they had any job openings for 'experts'.

    The expert asked why..

    "Well, I don't know anything either, so I should be able to get a job as easily as you did!"

    For some reason they didn't look very happily at me..
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    @burrellramone sounds interesting, is it this book?
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    @Nanos Youth and strength always lose to age and treachery.
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    You do realize that a senior dev probably has a lot more to do then a junior...one of the things actually being making sure the cluster fuck of code the juniors produce actually work...the guy probably hasn't even looked in the issue because he was swamped with other task..but a junior who has one thing to do (and usually screws it over big time) brags that he did it when the senior couldn't...give me a break... that's some major bs right there
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    But at what point does a junior become a senior ?
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    Is that why we have so many useless old people in jobs these days.. :-)
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    @Nanos No one can do everything on their own no matter how good one is. It's better for the company if the workers regardless of title and age will respect each other.

    How to become senior? Ask your manager. One officemate changed job to get a senior in his job title because our current company doesn't have any official senior and junior in our titles.
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    Give the stupid a lesson
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    For this bug:
    Senior got money for 3 days "workload".
    You got paid for 10 minutes "workload".

    The senior knows better than you, "how to earn money" /jk

    Still backstabbing people like that can get you into trouble. I wish I could give my younger me the advice that I give you. Speed is not the only important thing. Good relationships in a company brings you mich further with skill than skill alone.
    If I introduce a bug, it's mostly common sense for me to find the issue. The other one has to understand my thinking and find the bug. I only search the bug.
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    When i was supposed to create a python application. My team lead told me i hate snakes!
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    @heyheni No. It's this. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/... Though, I must check out the one you mentioned.
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    That intern is toxic af. Senior devs are human and they have good/bad days. You become a senior by demonstrating your ability to build shit. Not by arbitrary metrics like random ass bug spotting times.
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