How can I work on stupid things and not to be frustrated at the end of day

My frustrations is visible to the people.

Any suggestions to avoid it ...

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    Hide your face? That should solve the "visible to people"
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    Gouge their eyes out so they never see your face or anything ever again.
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    @Jilano that's not an option at all for me.
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    Work from home. Or just dont care.
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    @arvinds what about @rutee07's suggestion?
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    Work in the night shift ? 🦉that should fix "end of the day" part.
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    @alexbrooklyn its my problem not others because I go frustrated very easily
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    If you have any standards and professional pride whatsoever, you can't. That's the equivalent of asking "how can I lobotomize myself?"

    You either care or you don't. Find another gig where the people around you also care, or resign yourself to doing meaningless work until they promote you to management and your job is no longer development.
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    @SortOfTested you r right....
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    @arvinds Shhh are you crazy?! If you keep rewarding her good behaviour she'll become even nicer! We can't allow that...

    @SortOfTested "Boo! Awful advice boo!"
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    You can't fix stupid.

    Make fun of them until they go away, and resign yourself to being a hermit. It's marginally better than dealing with mind-blowing stupidity all day every day for the rest of your life.

    Or try to surround yourself with intelligent, decent people. It's difficult but not impossible, or so I'm told. The hermit thing can be plan B.
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