CEO tells us to delete every Trello boards, and make a big smoking dump of shit of a Trello board out of them, by adding every project for every plaform there, because he is a control freak, and he NEEDS to see every project all in one, because he’s “tired” of switching between boards if he wants to see the completion of a project. Like duh, this is the job of our 2 PM’s, but whatever you dumb fuck. Chaos is coming.....i’m done

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    Fuck, I hate Trello, and your boss needs to get a life.
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    What if you just don't do it? And by you, I mean everyone who works there. Straight-up refuse (and maybe take away admin access from him).
    What's he gonna do, fire everyone?

    Or, alternatively, set up a second trello board only for you guys and use that for actual work.
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    @endor Other guys don’t mind....yet. :D Personally, I’ll set up a private board for myself, and organize my tasks there (for the actual sprint at least)
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