Do you know some good tech RSS,Atom,... Feeds?
Anything about programming, operating systems, hacking, Hardware would be welcome.

But please not something trash like nixcraft, where every article amounts to "How to do this very basic thing that is literally a oneliner but we felt its so complicated, it justifies writing an article about it."

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    For serious software design topics Martin Fowler.

    I also like reading Julia Evans, although sometimes articles are meh, she likes experimenting and occasionally you can learn thing or two.

    P.S. in my experience generalized feeds, or companies articles are trash, so you better off looking for individual people you like reading.
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    Reddit has a /r/programming forum that I find quite interesting to scroll through. Otherwise check out the Hacker newsletter.
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    Oh right, totally forgot, hackers news (ycombinator) - if you read that, you won’t need anything else, bunch of links shared by professionals in variety of tech topics, also very interesting to read comments, discussions there are high quality with smart people.
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