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    The dream. Earn enough money to quit software forever and just be happy.
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    Was your comment asking if they could add an RSS feed to a DBMS?
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    @Elyz not sure that this place makes them happy - after all, "the pay sucks". Maybe it's better than their previous software jobs, but who am I to confirm this with 100% confidence... 😉
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    @vintprox the things I really want to do won't pay me much either. Money != Happiness.
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    @Elyz I probably assume too much thinking that happiness somehow relies on pay, but hey, I wish the answer was easy and practical one 😂
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    @vintprox Good pay is part of the happiness, but who knows if the dude didn't work at one of those jobs with insane pressure and deadlines? Moreover it sounds like they have spend a decade or two in development, hence probably paid for an apartment or two, hence being okay even with a lower pay, especially if there's no stress.
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    @Elyz that isn't always true.

    For example, rock star 🤘
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    @AlgoRythm Being a rock star isn't always unicorns and rainbows. From what I see touring can be pretty tiring.
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