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There's A Bitcoin In My Butt And He Is Handsome

With the economy in free-fall and the government teetering on the verge of collapse, Jort has never been more thankful for the bunker in his back yard. But when Jort is asked what he’s doing with all of his money, the doomsday prepper quickly realizes that he’s not as prepared as he once thought.

Now Jort is thrust into the wild world of bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrancey that’s in high demand. Hoping to impress one of the attractive open-source coins, Jort schedules a hot date at a fancy restaurant.

Now Jort and his handsome bitcoin, Limbo, are discovering that the value of each other’s buttholes are skyrocketing, and the best transaction moving forward is a hardcore anal pounding!

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    @rutee07 do you wear anal cryptocoin jewelry too like this guy? Or is this too extra?
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    The human mind truly is amazing.
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    @heyheni i'm sentencing u to become a zebra in ur next life for such a mean comment
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    @--------------- i've read the comment before you've deleted so i know you want me
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    @heyheni sorryπŸ˜…i was sort of angry earlier. then i thought it will be too bad to type something like that to someone. then I thought how about turning u into a zebra.

    that zebra looks creepy, but it has boobs😍
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    @sweetnothings well in that case Not zebra. i want heyheni to turn into some stupid eel insteadπŸ˜‚πŸ€£.
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    @sweetnothings nope, u r doing it all wrong, niether zebras or eels r cool. they r both stupids.

    cool animals r like the one which have something awsm like dolphins, orcas, whales. all these sea mammals have awsm brains, they communicate in a language. tardigrades, salamanders, owls, tigers are all cool in some ways.

    ok, my final is to turn @heyheni into ocean sunfish. there is absolutely nothing cool about it.

    also, now u won't become a rich unicorn. instead u will end up becoming a slow tortoise
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