Whats wrong with node.js? Why deno?

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    There is a hype going on about deno. Basically its a runtime based on v8 engine for js and ts
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    Well it can't be the only thing in that field for ever can it.
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    @Ranchu true! But just curious to what’s making it famous
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    Just took a look at readme and I can say specifying modules by url will create more headaches than it will solve.
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    @melezorus34 What I thought exactly. But lets see what innovations it brings to the table.
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    @melezorus34 It reminds me of the "golang way". But the full protocol stuff may kill it for enterprise with restricted network.

    But maybe there are going to be ways ...
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    @R3ym4nn Eh.. Isn't more security in fact better for enterprises?
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    If I remember correctly, deno was made by the guy who started node.js (which btw, @piperguy, is also a v8 runtime).
    Deno is supposed to address some of the shortcomings / flaws of node. So that’s what the hype is about.
    It has a lot of really appealing features. But we’ll see. Might be good, might be not so good 🤷‍♂️
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    it can't be all that bad if Dahl created it what, 10 years after node? Honestly I'm willing to give anything new a chance now that m$ has their grubby little paws in npm now.
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