So, tonight I didn't really have much planned (I found out) so when I mentioned a side-remark my boss was quick to suggest an evening phone meeting, which I couldn't turn down...
So tonight we've cleaned and archived in our repositories, weeded out teams, member permissions, and such...

The thing is; I like my boss and he's much more of a friend, so when I mentioned that a cleaning would be good, he suggested to do it over a glass or two of something good :)
We ended up spending an hour or two getting a lot closer to the bottom of things — beer in hand and laughs in the air :)

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    Damn thats wholesome.
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    Good bosses exist, change my mind lol
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    What a dream dynamic you have with your boss. I'm lucky to get my boss to spend 10 minutes even looking at what I've done...

    P.S. cool headphones
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    That's a nice beer. Now I need to drink one.
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    I am definitely in a quite favourable situation and things like this just makes it even more clear.
    So though it might not be considered a rant, I chose not to make that too obvious, to give a positive twist to the sizeable crowd of people complaining about their bosses.
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    @anolis my team is pretty small and all techy nerds, so communication flows pretty freely :) and thanks! :D
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