I hate it when people become hostile towards others who earn more than them and talk trash about how they deserve it more than others. It's not those people's fault that you have no balls to negotiate your own salary or ask for a raise. If you think you're earning less than you should, say so. If you can't even do that, maybe you don't deserve it in the first place. You're gonna starve to death waiting for that food you think you deserve to magically appear on your plate. Imagine if all our ancestors were just like you. You peasant-minded barrels of rotting flesh. Jesus Christ, motherfucker, sterilize.

It's one thing to vent about how you have more responsibilities than what you're paid for. Knock yourself out. It's a rant. But it's another to sneakily try to figure out how much others earn and then make an all-star Bitch 'N Moan team to make those people's lives harder, nitpick every small thing they couldn't do, or just pull them down to your beloved pit of poverty. How about you write those things down, send it to your manager, and ask for a raise? You can't, can you? Because you know it's petty, you're gonna look like a stalking fool, and you know deep down that those people were priced higher for a valid reason.

What exactly did those people do to you? Fucking nothing. They have the balls and you hate it like a castrated little pooch. Perhaps you should divert your anger towards whoever is actually responsible for it which is most likely you.

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    My current position includes 12h shifts rotation which brings a lot of money but also a lot of jealousy.

    The best part is that when people complain about earning less that us while having a "more important" position, when we say "there are still positions open if you want to work a night per week and being on shift for Christmas or your kid's birthday"... That usually shut them up.
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    Reminds me of these idiots in Denmark that whines about getting paid last than others because of their genders. Even thought its because of their shitty negotiation skills.
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    @Frederick Everyone knows bisexual hermaphrodites get paid first.
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    Don't think this approach of negotiate your salary or it's your fault is the best one for the company...

    Personally, I don't bother renegotiating, I just quit, and constantly keep up with market so I quit even when I'm paid OK sometimes.
    So instead of people calmly working and trusting the company to have "fair" salaries, this creates job-hopers that know that otherwise they get screwed.
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    A friend of mine have some contacts in the building and electrical industry. Between "close colleagues" and just colleauges, they frequently talk about their salaries in terms of joking and throwing it around and helping each other.

    Basically, Tom cares about what he earns, he knows what Joe earns and generally have no opinion on what Joe earns. If Joe feels like he should earn as much as Tom does, Tom and Joe will join forces to sort out Joe's salary. Its just kind of a culture thing.

    I remember my first renegotiation. My boss had just started his position around a week ago. I was expecting him to ask me how much I currently earn, but bizarrely enough, he was afraid of asking the question. I had to tell him outright because we were just staring weirdly at each other.
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    I've rather reduced my working time instead of increasing my salary. One hour more free time per day is a huge deal. Even my employer is happy with the flexibility because I can ramp up when the ship is on fire and slack off when there's less to do.

    @rutee07 here some good mood music for your weekend - it may take some cycles before it clicks: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @Fast-Nop That sounds like a good deal, to be honest. I also find it easier to be productive when I don't have to stick around when there's not much to do.

    I clicked the link earlier and actually fell asleep to that music at 12AM. Thank you. 😚
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    @Fast-Nop that's exactly what I also did, I'm currently getting a pretty low pay but I am home when there's no work to do and can take a day off any time I need and reintegrate that whenever I have lots of things to do. So I'm working on average 6 hours a day, but it's very flexible. I can do even 18 hours on a single day when needed and then take 2 days off or just do 2-3 hours. And also my workplace is literally 5 minute away from my home so yes, paid very low but I'd hardly accept anything else unless it's at least 3x more
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    At the end it is all more than money.

    The balance between income, free time, happiness and accomplishment sould be looked after more than pure numbers on the payslip.
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