I had a performance review meeting with my bloody manager.

I said if you agreed to all my points why you didn't give me proper score.

He said "You weren't consistent enough"

I said in till last cycle, I always got 5/5
How much more consistency you need!?

He said, from this cycle, expectations are even bigger, this is the starting point to show the consistency.


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    Translation: there's less money now for raises, so excuses must be made.
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    Did you two have a discussion on the objectives for this cycle?
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    @rutee07 No. Even if he did, I wouldn't have listened. He is no good to give me any goals or suggestions.
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    Yeah I was. But, I think I did very good job even after promoted. Handled the responsibility well.. :(
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    What does consistency even mean in this case?
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    Your boss might be a typical naysayer like my ex-boss. Does this sound like something yours would say? "I can't give you full score, because that would mean there's no room for improvement".
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    > Yeah I was

    I'm honestly impressed you got that promotion. My ex-boss held mine hostage, moving the goalpost further and further. When it was genuinely easier to switch employers, I did - and I'll never forget his face of surprise. Well, you reap what you sow, bitch (is what I'd like to tell him).
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    @VaderNT Well, my company is a little weird. Just because my Manager is an asshole, he holds no power when comes to promotion or Resources. The one that holds the power is actually my mentor. He's like my big brother. So I'm saved at that part.
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    And that's why I'm not that much pissed off. I know everything will be fine afterall :)
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