I'm quite pleased to show off the initial rendering of my CaaB (Cluster as a Box)!

This is a project that I've put not enough time into, and them finally I decided to get a move on with it. The estimated cost of the whole device/s ranges somewhere around $600. It's gonna be fun!

P.S. Suggestions welcome, particularly if it's about a substitute for the ODroid HC1.

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    A view of the internals (not complete at all)
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    A ruler:
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    Looks cool, husband would definitely buy it. It's priced competitive to generic offerings like pico pi, but those are a little overpriced.

    That said, some market positioning:
    - Turing pi and pine board might hit better perf at a lower price
    - pi 4s are a better option bc higher ram, faster CPU
    - making it generic in terms of unit (multiple mounting holes) would make it more flexible.
    - how is the networking integrating?
    - the airflow seems reverse what it should be , but that's no big deal
    - is the USB multiplexed like kvm, or is it, or is it controlled by a headunit?

    Cool stuff overall.
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    @SortOfTested never heard of Turing Pi, will have a look. Anything with an A53 or better (including the pine64) are nice. The main issue tho is price and I/O, with the HC1 having a fairly mighty processor (beats the pi 4 by a large margin in number of benchmarks), and it has a SATA port (quite valuable).

    Making it generic really depends on the board I end up going with. Networking is just a gigabit router, although I may switch to a BPi-R2/64 running OpenWRT (it's nice, cause it can be used as a NAS as well due to the SATA ports).

    Airflow, ha, I just grabbed a fan model and pasted it in, forgot about direction, I'm planning on adding in another fan too.

    Also, the USB at the moment is just gonna be a direct access to each board, but that is also subject to change.
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    @SortOfTested regarding the Turing Pi, if I were to use that I'd want the Pine version, and even then it would have be a custom board designed to be very compact, not something I'm familiar with enough to do.
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    What is the use case for this? Cheap parallel computing, a certain type of server setup, customized web services for home, bitcoin mining? All of those?
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    @Demolishun mostly for fun. I've wanted to own a relatively cheap, powerful, and small server cluster, and it evolved into this.
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    @chabad360 BEST USE CASE!!!
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    Will you sell them?
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    @Lor-inc I'm now considering it, but it will require further work than I'm willing to invest at the moment.
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