Not sure what I should put this under but I just had an app idea. I've tried journaling but can never keep going for more than a few days but if I have like a conversation with someone one like "how was your day?" or I start an internal dialogue, I can go on for a while and just feels natural.

So I'm thinking what would be good is if I had a virtual chat buddy/psych like a continuous QA but but also smarter then cyberduck and can save the whole chat. So it basically is/can become a journal or even a blog post.

Wondering if there's something like that already or some chatbot could help?

Think I heard something before that Facebook may have one but I think it's a huge ML program that needs to be trained on a lot of data.

Any your thoughts on this idea?

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    @M1sf3t relevant would be better? I know there's like there psych algo that they use on that rubber duck debugging, but not sure if it'd work very well. I remember when I was a kid there was a general one called Eliza or something, haven't checked. But that's like 20 years old so wondering if there's something better can build off of it just use.
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    @M1sf3t answered my own question it seems.. I actually remember this from from a few years back.... https://wired.com/story/...
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    @M1sf3t maybe, I just tried the site and send the default bot isn't very good at keeping the combo going and don't look asking questions
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    @M1sf3t ahh the dead end loop.... Feels like those awkward dates where the guy tried to get a conversation going but can't...
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