Microsoft, you can't sneak this past me! I notice you're putting rounded corners in specific parts of your OS, and I don't like it. It's inconsistent with your design and your slow roll-out of the rounding makes things round in some areas (such as the context menu in the calculator app) and square in other areas! (such as the context menu anywhere else)

All I'm saying is either do it everywhere, or do it nowhere.

(I realize the terminal is not an official application YET, but it's a good example)

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    "inconsistent with design"

    Nothing is worse than their lack of unification. Are you gonna use the settings app or the control panel??

    Pick one mfers
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    @Stuxnet Oh that's an easy one, BOTH!
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    @FrodoSwaggins I think rounded corners are beginning to get tired. Everything has rounded corners and I fear that soon it will be like gradients were 5-10 years ago: everywhere.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I have no such fondness, even to Windows Vista, XP, and 7, which I grew up with.

    Even earlier versions of Windows 10 look goddamn awful to me. And Windows 8 was always shitty.

    Perhaps I'm just a product of a different time. But I think we will be soon straying away from basic geometry. The most elegant designs look three dimensional/ have depth, blur and focus, scaling and other effects. Hard on your PC and your programmer, but it's what people expect. Simple rounded rectangles are soon to be obsolete. And at the very least, WinX has some of these interesting effects. I love their acrylic material. I wish they could get their whole OS on the same design.

    That's my insight, anyways. Of course, a guess.
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    Wait they’re calling cmd the windows terminal now? What the ass fuck??
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    @molaram No they are combining all Windows CLIs into one program. CMD, powershell, and even WSL are available in this program, which is tabbed and has acrylic transparent backdrop. It's honestly pretty good. But I still don't use it lmao
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    And the fact, that "Windows Terminal" has a Privacy Policy isn't worth a BroWtfException thrown?
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    Rounded corners go back and forth. We've gone from square to rounded to square to rounded and it looks like we're soon going back again...
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    I don't like round corners, but it's about the devs, if they update to the latest winui will get rounded corners by default (of course you can remove them)
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    @AlmondSauce same for flat and 3d, shades, shine, lights...
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    @dontbeevil Is that true? Interesting, I have been out of UWP dev't for a good minute now. Interesting that I can now identify which of Windows' own programs aren't using the latest
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