Made my Final Year Project report without copying stuff from internet. Get's 79% in plagiarism check whereas only 20% is allowed for us. Fuck! I should have just copied stuff from internet instead >:(

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    How is that even possible o.O
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    Your destiny is to be the best UX designer ever.
    Obviously, the mainstream thinks about things the very same way as you do - choosing the same words in the same order...
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    @alexbrooklyn he might be using common naming and structure conventions while reinventing the wheel. Possible for such projects.
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    Quick Fix : How about paraphrasing it? It always trick the plagiarism check.

    Warning : It is just a quick fix.
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    Did someone leak your work to the web ?

    Is there a website that we can check our own code to see how similar it is to everyone else's ?
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    @Nanos they are often paid databases. And often if you make a search, your data is submitted to the database. Meaning you would get a plagiarism-alert on your own work the next time
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    Maybe you can explain your professor the entire situation or maybe add some unique functionality so they believe its your idea
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