Why the fuck everyone in indian game dev industry is obsessed with unity fuckkkkkk !
Don't you know you only need some lite runtime like OGL or SDL for those shitty "hyper casual" games
Also why the fuck is an experience in building hyper casual games is a requirement isn't this side scroller hack and slash knockoff good enough for you to know I'm competent enough
Fuck you dumb shit for brains people who are heating up phones by using unity just for a shoot the hoops game.

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    When I look at the questions about Unity that pop up under the C# tag in SO, I cannot help but wonder if all these Unity devs are but mere script kiddies.
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    @SomeNone Maybe I wonder if they even know about the main game loop
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    I'd say for the same reasons people go for language like JS even when they shouldn't (e.g. CLI tool): it's trendy, oftentimes easier, etc.
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    SDL2 is love i gotta say. Its really amazing when you can handle the beast.

    And well OGL is the same. You learn it properly and you are GOD.
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    @Haxk20 yeah write once and port anywhere where do I sign up ? Right ?
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    Indian game dev is starved of both money and ambition (at least, in my experience in my short stint as an animator). Building your own engine is not a trivial task. These companies aren't game *technology* companies, most just want to somehow push games out there. Can't exactly blame them given the kind of funding they have.

    Unity is cheaper, and when you get into production level stuff making your own engine has a *ton* of stuff that you wouldn't consider and that Unity just handles for you.

    Plus it's easy to find Unity devs and Unity support. No other engine has quite that level of support for smaller studios (of course Unreal outclasses it for huge projects). Probably the only other viable alternative is Godot, but good luck trying to convince people to try it (you might get lucky).
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    @RememberMe Fundings they have a lot. I mean some of the studios are outsourced some AAA titles. I don't think that would be a problem just take ogre head studios they did a decent job. From what I know even if you go production level and if you have no idea about how to leverage the entirety of engine you're tinkering ducks anyways.
    Gods I hate to see same thing happening to game dev industry that has happened to mainstream software industry.
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    @Catastrophe it's just economics, nobody *wants* a shitty environment.

    When you're outsourcing you don't have much of a choice about which tech to use (eg. look at Dhruva Interactive). Outsourced project funding doesn't work like funding your own game, there's very little risk in it.

    I meant stuff that's being made wholly in India. Making your own engine is a pointless risk right now and many studios don't have the manpower, knowledge, or funds for something that would have marginal return at best (at their scale).

    It's like Indian animation, there are very, very few groups here with the right combination of skill, ambition, and funds to make something new on their own.

    Nothing's stopping you from doing it, though. If you sincerely believe that you can make a barebones engine that would offer higher productivity and/or better output than Unity for a specific kind of game (it can and has been done), do it. The industry needs folks like you.
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