That moment that you finally decide to buy some bitcoin, purchase it, want to transfer.... aaaaaaand some random error shows up on your web wallet.

Fucking. Great.

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    Ayyyyyy do i hear bitcoin ?

    Linuxxx doing bitcoin ?

    I would be expecting you joining the Monero power TBH. Not bitcoin.
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    @Haxk20 I'm not going into Bitcoin haha, just needed it to exchange for another currency!

    It's working now and the wallet I'm using appears to be a scam but I transferred everything already so it's all good.
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    Don't use a wallet you have no control over.
    Create a paper wallet if you don't want to use a Hardware wallet and NEVER store ANY currency on exchanges.
    Use a clean, no-extension browser when transferring from exchanges and make sure your pc isn't infected in any way. There is malware that will change receiving adresses behind the scenes in JS or clipboards, next to the other, more fucked up shit
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    @Haxk20 I wouldn't trust monero as far as I could throw it after the huge exploit that allowed theft from wallets.
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    @stonestorm they have been fixed. Also it was mainly exchanges and not offline wallets.
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    @stonestorm > exploit that allowed huge theft from wallets

    Say what now? I've been using monero for over two years now and I've never heard of such thing.
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    @linuxxx use Electrum if you want a light wallet without the hassle! That way you control your keys!
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    @endor A couple years back there was a csrf exploit in a lot of monero wallet services that allowed you to essentially transfer funds just from visiting a site with the exploit code.

    Really shows the care they have in their work.
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    @endor Electrum seems to crash the second it launches for me :/
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    @stonestorm AH, you mean the specific web-wallet third-party service MyMonero. Yeah I'd never touch one of those with a 10-foot-pole either. Working with cryptocurrencies through a website in a browser is just asking for trouble.

    The standard cli/gui wallets (connected to a remote node if you don't wanna bother with running your own) and Monerujo have been quite reliable (and easy to use) so far.
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    @endor actually there were quite a few services, not just the one.
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    @stonestorm still, my point is that the reliability of third-party web services has nothing to do with the reliability of the official codebase - which has been pretty solid so far.
    And general consensus is to stick with the official stuff, since you can just use a remote node if you need something quick.

    Otherwise, it would be like saying that ssh isn't secure just because some people leave password authentication enabled and their root password is 'password'.
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    @endor Hey, wait ! How did you know my password ? Did you hack my machine ? Now I have to go to all my accounts and change the password there because you hacked it. 😡
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    What a story, dude. You better use some reliable services like https://primexbt.com/ at least there us a little chance of crushing. Hope you didn't lose money.
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