A guy asked on an online channel of programmers about buying a laptop and here's the perfect guide from an experienced programmer.

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    People that recommend that you should not use a proper IDEs should not be trusted.
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    Following that line of argument, you can learn programming on a Commodore 64. Nah. Buy a computer that's at least somewhat a joy to use instead of a low-end crutch.
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    After sharing above post, see how my friends reacted.
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    My comment to the person who posted
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    A friend:
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    Another friend:
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    Same friend after sometime. At this point the person don't even have to buy any devices.
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    Thing is, the guy in the post is right.
    When I was still a student, I worked on a 200$ AliExpress laptop and it worked really well.
    I was working with C mostly, but even things like my raytracer worked really well.
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