"Getting me up to speed" apparently consists in a 20 minute-long demo on a project I've never heard of with a technology I don't know.

Then I'm supposed to deliver the v2 of that piece of work in a timely manner 😰

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    Let me guess, you were filtered for at least one language or technology that the company have never used and doesn't plan to.
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    Welcome to Fuckville, population you.

    On the plus side, the managers might be dumb enough to understand a skin swap as a new version so...
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    @bytewind Few managers can tell a major skin swap with most components being placed elsewhere on the same screen from a proper update.
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    @Lor-inc yep yep... it looks different? different enough that we can charge for it to our clients? Those are the things that matter to them
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    @bytewind To be fair, from the company's viewpoint that's exactly what major update means. That's why most software has separate software and API versions.
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    @Lor-inc that is true :)
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