Forgot to push 30hr of code before moving to a new ssd without backup...

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    @lanfiro the situation is a bit more complicated than that. Old data is gone now
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    Just recently had a similar situation. Boot sector got corrupted for no reason after cloning SSD. Mind you the first restarts were fine, with 2 bootable windows SSDs side-by-side. The smaller SSD was redundant and hence deleted. Now the new one didn't start with 3 MONTHS worth of project code changes! I somehow managed to save the system with the internet.
    ... And I also realized I keep backups but have no idea how to use them.🤦

    So, yeah PUSH YOUR CODE REGULARLY!! Just some advice I read in the depths of the internet.
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    Why did you fuck up? Don't fuck up.
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    @electrineer I wish I knew before ...
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    @Flamestro I wish my advice will serve you well from now on
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    @electrineer advice is pretty simple and clear: just DON'T FUCK UP! 😄
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    Here is my own horror story to cheer you up. I once lost 4 month worth of code and I need to rewrite them. I am just starting out on my programming journey and do not know git even exist.

    For a month I only sleep 3 hour a day to rewrite them. On a bright side you have a chance to refactor them.
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    Commiserations @Flamestro... I think we've all done it once. I'll never forget in my teens, in the days before word had auto-save; writing an entire essay, proof reading it. Then, with complete satisfaction, flicking off the system power.

    If it makes you feel any better, in my experience, once you get over the hurt and knuckle down to write it again, it comes out even better the second time.
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