I think it’s so cute when websites tell me that I need to disable my adbl....(inspect page).... no wait, we can talk about thi....(finds elements)....awww cmon man... really? This isn’t fair..(adds display:relative)... this is some bullshit right here! I’m really disappointed in your beha....

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    For me that's stylebot -> adds "display:none"

    Works 99% of times.
    rest 1 % of times I have to bite the bullet and find other workaround
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    @DubbaThony they use all kinds of tricks like position fixed too, on multiple nodes. A chrome extension for this would be pretty cool
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    True is that.

    But that requires JS and this makes my body sick on just thought about dealing with JS.

    Im not a JS fan.

    noping out in 3.. 2..
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    @DubbaThony That ain’t a problem for me
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    I thought I was the only one that did this sort of thing.

    Adblockers unite!
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