Come back home after 2 months of absence (during quarantine I was away) just to find that tomorrow I'll be WFH w/o internet.

Sounds like it's gonna be a productive day!

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    That would probably do me some good most days, just clone a couple references then turn it off til I'm ready to push something to my repo. But then I would have to go dig up my old music drive that I buried who-knows-where long ago when I first set eyes upon pandora and finally renounced my pirating ways.

    Tbh, kinda scared of what I would find in there even if I did manage to read this map. It would seem that I may have been very drunk that night 🤔
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    @M1sf3t it would be alright when you are a dev. Doesn't work that well for perf engineers 😁 we've got to be working with remote resources all the time...
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