Desperately need advice from devs in India...
asking this here since really stressed about this and don't know who to ask to...
I am an engineering student from Bangalore, India from a basically no name college...
I have been coding for 2 years now, web stuff, primarily rails and js...
i have worked with handful of startups, done internships, and am working on my own projects which i will launch soon...
Lately my college has made it a mission to make my life hell even though i always perform well academically...it has gotten to a point where I am not able to work or learn anymore...
I wanted to ask what consequence my career will face if I drop out ?
I believe lack of a graduation degree will make me not eligible for many jobs...please suggest what I should do...

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    Don't drop out, degree is important! I know exactly how you feel, third year engg student from Mumbai, with all end sem submissions going on! Just take some time out for doing your personal projects... I usually keep college stuff pending till the end. It becomes hectic, but you do get free time for nearly more than half of the sem!
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    Unfortunately you need a degree.. If you plan to freelance or if a startup has seen your skills then drop out.. Otherwise stick with it.. Could you explain how do they bother you? Have you spoken to anyone about it!?
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    Let me sum things up. Don't quit. - dev from India
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    Thanks for suggestions people!
    If rather than dropping out forever i take a hiatus of say a year...will that be too harmful ?
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    @theCodis it won't be harmful at all. As long as you can explain it properly, and use your time correctly, it's all good. Just check how your University deals with such breaks.
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    thanks for the suggestions everyone!!!
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