i am tired of the mood swings that come with being alone. whenever i make something i am proud of i realize having no one to share it with.

unfortunately i am not the hermit i would like to be.

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    We're here we will listen. At least we're not Stack Overflow and yell at you that your accomplishment is stupid.
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    @p100sch thanks for that, but then again my pride doesn't want to beg for attention either... fml
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    If you have Minecraft, @p100sch will give you blocks of diamonds to cheer you up.
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    @erroronline1 building something and telling others about something you are proud of doesn't seem like begging for attention but you could look at it more like sharing information. You did it for a reason, make something efficient, look cool, for a job etc. You finished it and it's an achievement to be happy about. Share a happy moment. This is DevRant, so many gloomy and angry stories. There's no harm in sharing some sunshine 🌞. We actually need it.
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    @rutee07 Blocks of "Diamond"
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    @iamai Well said. Do be careful with your sun, though, my fair complexion doesn't like it too much!
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    Even if you share it there's small chance that devRanters will see it.
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    @WildPotato none of my human contacts are into any of my interests, so even if i tell someone how awesome my weekend has been because of my accomplishments they shrug it off. anyone who climbs rocks, cycles streets, burns fossil fuels, hits a ball or listens to music is way more interesting than me. judgemental tone aside, i am the highschool nerd but there is no chess club because it is hard to play on your own.

    i miss pair programming with my friend from 12 years ago. we learnt together and inspired each other. now we're 400km apart and even our interests have evolved in different directions. i have literally no one to talk to anymore. it sucks.

    also i am not able to find something like a chat for this purpose. back then anyone responded to my greetings anyway though.
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    @erroronline1 first of all you *are* talking to real people behind these words despite the baxk of your brain, beneath your awareness, telling you that you are staring at an inanimate glowing brick.

    second, I invite you to go on meetuo and find a coding group in your area.

    granted that depends on your homestate and the lockdown.

    we really do need devrant group. or game server. or weekly video chr, or discord. or anything really.
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    @sweetnothings marvellous idea!
    thanks for the dopamine btw :)
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    god dammit. i have to remember to spellcheck after postinf.
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