Everyone (or basically everyone) else is an NPC and is therefore irrelevant. Their opinions do not matter.

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    You're awesome

    But it doesn't matter
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    another big problem with those NPCs?
    if they are full of bugs, you can't make any progress in your storyline. kinda sucks if you ask me.
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    Doesn't this make working with others really difficult? Not exactly a very...social opinion.
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    @RememberMe Not really. I take the good and ignore the bad. If someone is an asshole, I don't take them seriously. It's hilarious how much that pisses them off.

    NPCs offer good advice sometimes, but sometimes there are better ways. I listen to everyone's input and make my own decision. If they get angry that I asked for but didnt take their advice, oh well. I try to explain, but like NPCs, most people are incapable of seeing different perspectives, so it's usually wasted effort. And if it is, I don't let it bother me; they literally cannot help it.

    I think this actually makes interacting with people easier.
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    @rootofskynet They are definitely full of bugs. People are overwhelmingly full of bad code. For proof, look out into the world, into the laws and politics of any country, or study any field in depth. Flaws layered upon flaws, everywhere. Corruption and stupidity abound.
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    @Root I couldn't agree more.
    stupid NPCs are the most dangerous ones. they somehow infect the good NPCs with their fucked up attitude code and then the former good ones just went to shit.

    and the worst part is, that these folks are allowed to run a country..

    furthermore, if we are talking about politics and politicians, they tend to make choices on subjects they don't even know how to pronounce.

    let's take germany for an example. they are talking about to create a high speed internet access for everyone.


    do you know how they want to manage this? with fkn copper wire in the ground everywhere. they want to milk the cash cow of the last century till it's death.

    on my last vacation in Sweden I literally got enraged about german stupidity in this subject especially.
    in the fucking middle of nowhere, Infront of an log cabin I read a sign that says roughly translates to "yup, this location is getting fibre to the home!" - W.T.F. to that.
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    and that's just one of the first world problems..
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    What on earth is an NPC?
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    @linuxxx Non-player character.
    My best guess for this dehumanizing meme is to have a word for people with slave mentality.
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    @FrodoSwaggins found the Sims player.
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    @Root im basically a quest giver at this point.

    beep boop.
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    @linuxxx The people you meet in video games with a small response set and a shallow character.
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    This is a dangerous thread. 😂
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    <insert image of random oblivion npc glitch here>
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    @holloway "Have you heard of the high elves?"
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    Weird how no one ever thinks of themself as an NPC...
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