BRUH. Can somebody tell me: is it karma? Everything just had to start failing in this week.
First, jerk Windows 10 refuses to update, so I can't get WSL 2.
Second, because of that, I cannot proceed with Cypress in my project: neat mocking, smart E2E tests, etc. - everything's on hold until I translate to laggy VM with Ubuntu. Cypress 4 just keeps freezing on WSL 1, and some people said outdated WSL is problemmaker. https://github.com/cypress-io/...
Next up, I've lost reference to mock API from, more concretely it's a problem of PHP application and "Segmentation fault" in Apache that I'm pretty exhausted to start debugging.

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    WSL2 = insiders build.
    Fuck docker!

    @karma... omg I got to use the @karma card ☺️

    Yea it's a @karma issue, why would you run php inside windows? A vm sure.. a docker container.. ok.. but windows!

    Ps: I use windows and feel this is wrong.
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    *Laughs in arch with a k8s accent*
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    *laughs in Windows with VM's && a unstable docker*

    Oh... that's not tears of laughter.
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    @vintprox don't play the fucking victim. u are just making it worst
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    @C0D4 No, I install everything as much as possible on in WSL Ubuntu 20.04 (subsystem), without Dockers-shmockers, while for showing Cypress GUI I run VcXsrv on top OS, which is Windows 10.
    So almost everything is on Ubuntu:
    [PHP, Apache, MySQL] - for Phabricator;
    [project with Node.js dependencies, including Cypress] - project I work on, more UX-compliant gateway to Phabricator. And now I can't test Phabricator's integrated API, because segfaults.

    Virtual Machine joined the chat.
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    @vintprox WSL != linux, it's no better then running Cygwin.

    for basic scripts and cli tools it's generally fine, for a full server environment... your asking for issues.

    WSL2 is a VM, which is a lot better and more capable then it's predecessor, but requires an insiders build of windows to install it.

    I'm also surprised your developing in an environment that is not a replica of your production server(s), even if it was in a VM.
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    @C0D4 oh, yes, that's the problem. I cannot use replica without experiencing severe lag spikes. It's because my hardware is not enough to run VM, so I use VM on remote corporate Windows Server. But it gives headache to make project via this interface.

    Hm, while I was writing it, came up with idea: what if I expose port from NAT to VM's SSH? That'd much faster than my usual workflow with VMs.
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    @vintprox it would be more optimal, 22 and 3306 for mysql.

    If you use vsCode... not saying you do or have too, but if you do, and it's a dev server not prod you could use the remotessh feature to allow you remote access over ssh for file access rather then use ftp on its own.
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    Windows update having problems is just normal and expected behaviour.
    While there obviously is no karma involved here, sacrificing a chicken is never a bad idea. So enjoy your wings and switch to Linux (does not have to be Gentoo, but would definitely not go for Ubuntu).
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    vscode remote-ssh is awesome
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    @Oktokolo I would definitely like switching OS, when I gather another hardware.
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    Yes! You made it! Finalist ✌️
    Oh how I love to mess with docker, it worked on my machine 😂
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    Solved with switching to Ubuntu.
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