I try to avoid comparing myself to others. It's easier said than done, but nothing good ever comes of it. Either I'm just telling myself how much smarter I am than somebody (just tearing them down in my mind, not a healthy attitude), or I'm feeling insecure about my own shortcomings (imposter syndrome).

If someone is paying you to do something you're obviously doing it well enough. And even if you aren't currently being paid, as long as you are working on something you enjoy and bettering yourself every day, you're going to be fine.

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    As I understand there’s two ways of comparing yourself — not argumentative and reflective.

    First one is just here to bite your inner self, some people can say “look, he’s your age and he already makes more money that you”. Just slapping an irrelevant information upon you, dragging you into a depression.

    Meanwhile the second one can give you perspective how a person achieved that position. It’ll be something like “look, he’s started from that, made those mistakes on the way, got lucky there, made the right decisions here and here”.

    I’ve been compared in non argumentative way for a lot of times in my life, at some point I’ve learnt to ignore those comparisons since we all have different paths in our life
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