When imposter syndrome hits me, i just scroll through the latest CVEs. That reminds me, that even the best can't do it properly.
I also am old enough to have seen the latest shit emerge and disappear multiple times. So there is no pressure to keep up with latest crap of the week.
Also, our industry is full of sloppy corner cutters. So that i am not sloppy and don't like to cut corners, already makes me a rare kind of coder.

Know your strengths!

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    I don't offload my bugs. I fix them.
    And i would actually like some less sloppy mindset emerging in our industry as a whole.

    The next evolutionary step of humankind is to fully remove the need to work. We need strong AI for that. And i really wouldn't trust AI build with the current quality standards...
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    I feel with you, however not everything is round and we have to make profit at the end of the day, so sometimes cutting corners is a necessity.
    Btw what do you think, is this corner cutter good enough for the job?
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    If we don't cut corners there will be no bugs, and if there are no bugs, no need for us in the company. Jk
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    That corner cutter seems to be used in most software projects around the world. As it seems to be the industry standard, it surely is good enough for our code base too...
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    Even if trying hard to not cut any corners, there will be plenty of bugs. They will be less dire in general - and some will even be gorgeous though...
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