Everyone: Parcel delivery sucks because the couriers often don't even ring and just claim nobody was there.

Me: Can't confirm - giving these (poorly paid!) people 2 EUR tips works like a charm because they do remember that.

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    Wow. What kind of parcel do I need to deliver so I can get the "tip" from you?
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    I've heard running after them and punching them in the face is effective too. Then you can deny that it was you because you obviously weren't home, as attested by the courier themselves.
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    @rutee07 I think putting yourself in a parcel would be promising. ^^

    Right now, some additional ankle weight bands for supporting my back exercises have arrived. A strong back won't develop pain in the first place.
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    I always find this a weird argument. While I do get that those people aren't paid as good, why would that be an excuse for not doing your job properly?
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    @linuxxx Too many parcels for too few couriers. It gets only worse with subcontracted couriers because they are paid per parcel - and even if they could deliver as quickly as the beancounters prescribe, the hour wage would already suck. But if it takes longer, the hour wage drops even further.

    TLDR: because you get what you pay for.
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    @Fast-Nop Okay let me rephrase; I find this a weird excuse when people say it and don't try their best. When it's made impossible or hard, I fully agree with you.
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    @linuxxx I don't expect people to go above and beyond for shitty pay. Motivation has a price tag.
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