Hi ! This is not a rant but more like a need for help.
Currently i am working in a retail job , but i am planing to open my own business where me and my team can develop apps and webs.
My family and friends are telling me that i will fail.
What should i do , chase my dream and become unemploymed for a short period of time , or continue the way i am living ?

Thank you for your time and patience , and i am sorry for grammatical mistakes !

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    Do you have decent knowledge in developing mobile apps and experience?

    Do you have clients that want to buy apps?

    If not do you have a business strategy how you will sell your apps?

    If you're going for app/play store, do you have an idea or an app already in development you want to sell there?

    Did you do research if there's a demand for that kind of app?

    Do you have an initial budget that can fuel your startup?

    Do you have a team?

    Those are all the questions you need to answer before starting a new company and the answer will come by itself :)

    If you're motivated and not bend on giving up when it gets tough anyone can make it, but it certainly it's good to have a vision of what you want before running into a pile of sand and become just another grain among many.

    Make a plan, present it and tell your friends and family that's what you want and will do and if they don't support it they don't need to put you down. Because it's already hard enough to build a company without that.
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    @orijin bro ! This made me see this in a completely different way !
    Thank you a lot
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    @hamish thank you for the advice and i lol'd about that ping pong table.
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