Just got kicked out of home.

I was living by someone else and they just (politely) asked move out soon as I get paid next month.

They said I'm generating costs for them - goddamn I'm paying 50 bucks above our deal, why didn't she talk just talk to me, I would pay more if needed.

Now trying to realize what the Fuck I did wrong and how am I going to handle this. I have nowhere to go and just 2 weeks ago I got in debt, thinking home was stable.

Not angry, just extremely frustrated.

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    @jirehstudios don't forgot friends.
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    @jirehstudios if I foresee things getting too dark, yeah, mom's house.

    But I can't get along with my older brother. He doesn't work and is just the greatest prick i've seen on earth. Last time I arrived mom's house at 10pm, by 5am I was smacking him in the face before leaving...

    Anyways I gotta process this first, my brain is kind of stuck right now.
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    @ezbie where are you now?
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    @ezbie Do i need to sing Soft Kitty to cheer you up?
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    @Pgdevpatryk 😂 oh yeah, that might help a lot...
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    Soft kitty,

    Warm kitty,

    Little ball of fur.

    Happy kitty,

    Sleepy kitty,

    Purr Purr Purr.
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    @Pgdevpatryk oh yes!!!
    Now I feel renewed. Ready to face 1000 more experiences like this.

    Many thanks

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    @ezbie Please dont or I will knock on your door. Ezbie knock Ezbie knock Ezbie.
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    @Pgdevpatryk goddamn you have time
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    Dude the sad part is we've all in one way or the other have been there. I lived out of my car for one semester during school. Life is good at handing lemons and now I'm good at making everything from lemon cake to lemonade. Sit down write the shit down that you need to do take everything one by one pretty soon you'll be at the top of the pyramid.
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    @rrishi sound advice.
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    Fortunately these types of experiences are necessary for success. Life is a wicked problem. You must fail at solving it once to understand the problem. Then solve it once more with your knew found knowledge :)
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    Good luck dude :) You can make it!
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    I know what you feel. I was kicked out once and guess what, I was paying the bill and...drum roll...the mortgage! Fuck! Yes! I stayed with my partner's, at that time, aunty.
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    For real, good advice here. ☺

    Everything tends to work out in the end.
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    Wow, found a house to rent. It's cheaper than where I am at right now.

    And there's a plus, I'll live in the same city I work, no more waking up early and traveling every day, which also will increase the time I'll be home so I can study and practice programming.

    And there's more, now I'll be completely alone most of the time, that will allow me to concentrate more.

    Hopefully I'll move in next Thursday.

    Now I'm so happy 😆
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    @ezbie sounds great dude :) sometimes shit needs to go bad for it to become better.
    Best of luck with everything :D
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    @ezbie amazing how life works sometimes isn't it.
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    Looking back at this today, it's interesting that right now I feel this was just a trifle, whereas back then I felt bad, too bad.

    It's also funny how guys on ranting community about programming supported me, and indeed it made me feel better.

    Don't think anyone is gonna come back at this but reminds me of how deRant is the community I liked the most and felt more relaxed in taking part since a long, long while.

    Thanks u all.

    PS: I didn't stay in that house I rented either. After 7 days crackheads have broken into the house, beaten me and stolen my money, so I had no choice, back to mom's house, and here I am.

    Life is good in handing you lemons, like @rrishi has sad, however sometimes it hands you something harder to peel (a pineapple maybe?)
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    @ezbie pineapple upside down cake! Or pina colladas 😏
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