Colleges here in the US get to decide the GPA threshhold at which you can no lonver get any aid for. My college is the cheapest in the state (hence why I can attend, despite my treatment) and seems to make it stupid hard to recover from any fuckup, even on their end. First, anything that's an F is normalized to a 0% grade for GPA. Acceptable. However, any GPA-affecting grade that's a 0% also removes a static .125 from your GPA permanently. A combination of the school's fuckups, retarded profs, constant unhelpful runaround and constant server outages (even before the Great 2020 Fan-Shitting) ended in, effectively, 2 perfect As and 2 perfect Fs. My GPA, first semester, due *mostly* to extenuating bullshit, is a 1.75. I cannot fuck up at all ever again or i'm unable to continue going.

It's almost like they just want my money and refuse to fucking provide a decent learning opportunity due to all the absolute horseshit they force me through to do so much as schedule classes, much less lodge a complaint or get help with issues.

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    You can study for free and in English in Taiwan. They even pay you the flight and $480 living expenses a month. No student debt for life.
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    Why is everything like that is the US??! Come to Sweden instead. You'll get a free Snickers bar at the border.
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    The US education system is completely fucked up, and yes, it's only about money. That's also why there are so many bullshit majors in gender crap and the like - it's business, and the unis don't care whether people can make a living or shit.
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    You know what usually helps? Lawyer up, and sue the school. Unfortunately that usually means more investment upfront.
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    @ScribeOfGoD As taiwan struggles to get recognition from around the world the goverment decided to give every foreign student that got accepted to a taiwanese university a scholarship. The only challenge is to learn chinese up to level 3 beforehand. But i would deem that a small price to pay and is achievable with some effort within 6-10 months.


    1. Find a university in Taiwan and apply, get accepted.
    2. Learn Mandarin and do a language test.
    3. Apply to the Taiwan Ministery of Education for the scholarship at your local Taipei culture center.



    if you're interested i would recommend you calling the taipei culture center in your country to get counceling.
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    Because in the US it’s communism if education and health care is funded by tax money. Deal with it, try to change it or leave the country
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